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  • What is the capital of Scotland? Edinburgh
    What is the only continent without active volcanoes? Australia
    What country is covering 50% of the South American continent? Brazil
    Which country has more post offices than any other country? India
    Who really discovered America? Christopher Columbus
    Who discovered Australia? James Cook
    What is tallest building in the world? Burj Khalifa in Dubai
    What city was the most popular to visit in the year 2015? London
    What is the most popular city to visit in Canada? Ottawa
    What was the name of the ship on which Captain Cook sailed to Australia? Endeavour
    Who was the first European to reach India by an all-sea route from Europe? Vasco da Gama
    What is the name of the ship which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the year 1912? Titanic
    What do people need to travel to other countries outside of Europe? Visa
    On which continent can you visit Mozambique? Africa
    What is the capital city of Nepal ? Kathmandu
    What is the biggest city in the world? Tokyo
    How many time zones are there? 24
    What is the second biggest city in the world? Jakarta (Jabodetabek)