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  • Which car is the most expensive car of the year 2016? Bugatti Veyron ( $ 2 600 000 )
    When was made the first car? In 1768
    How many Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic are there in the World? 3
    Who made the first car? Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot
    What is the most popular film about cars? Fast & Furious
    Which car did Steven Jobs have? Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG
    Which car did James Bond have? Aston Martin
    What is the biggest car on planet? Liebherr T 282B
    What is the longest race track in the world? Nordschleife (Germany)
    Which brand slogan is "the best or nothing"? Mercedes Benz
    Who is the founder of the BMW concern? Karl Rapp
    When was the longest traffic jam? It was in the year 1960 - 200 km
    What is the price of the figurines on the Rolls-Royce bumper ? 5000 dollars
    Who can drive a car without a driving license? The Queen of Great Britain
    What does the symbol of Mercedes-Benz mean? Success on land, water and air
    What color were the first car tires? White and beige
    What is the name of the most little car? Peel P50 (weight 5-9 kg)
    What is the cheapest production car? Tata Nano (2000 dollars)
    What is the longest car in the world? Limousine
    What is the name of the Founder of Ford Motors? Henry Ford