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  • When was there snow in the Sahara Desert? On 18 February,1979
    When was the first weather forecast on TV In UK? On 11 November, 1936
    How many earthquakes do happen each year? 50,000
    Where is it possible to see around 50 earthquakes per day? In the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC)
    Where is the Deepest Place On Earth? The Mariana Trench
    Which ocean is the deepest in the world? Pacific Ocean (35,837 ft) (10,924 meters)
    What is the largest country in North America? Canada
    How many severe storms have occurred in the last 30 years? More than 2,600
    What is study of earthquakes? The seismology
    What the national flower of Greenland? Dwarf fireweed (Chamerion latifolium)
    Who were the Beatles? The Beatles were a rock band from Liverpool
    How many teeth has a bear got? 42
    Who sleeps 66 % of all life ? Cats
    How many muscles do dogs have in their ears? 27
    What country gave us the tradition of decorating the christmas tree? Germany
    How many hours sleep Koalas in day? 18 hours
    How many legs have all insects got? 6 legs
    How long is a giraffe's tongue? 18-20 inches long
    Which mountain is the highest in the world? Mount Everest
    In what country is it possible to find more 200 million cows? In India