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  • Who invented the Internet? Leonard Kleinrock
    Who did send the first email? Ray Tomlinson
    Who did develop JavaScript in 1995 ? Brendan Eich
    Who are the key inventors of the Internet? Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn
    What is Google Docs? Google Docs is an online word processor.
    Which country is the birthplace of the Internet? USA
    Who is the most mentioned female on the Internet? The actress Pamela Anderson
    Who is the most mentioned male on the Internet? President Bill Clinton
    When was made the first banner on internet? In 1994
    What was the first domain that was ever registered ? .com
    When was registered Symbolics.com? On March 15, 1985
    Who discovered the North Pole ? Robert Peary
    Until when was the registration of domain names free? Until 1995
    What is IPv6? Internet Protocol Version 6
    How many people do use the internet today? 3.2 billion people
    How many sites are hacked every day? 30 000 websites
    Where was the first webcam created? At the University Of Cambridge
    When was made the first tweet? On 21st March, 2006
    How many adults in Britain never used internet ? 9 millions
    Which file-format for images was invented by Steve Wilke? The gif format
    When was sent the first spam? in 1978